Twister... Ride it out

Grab onto the railing or you'll be sucked into the swirling vortex of a tornado measuring F5 on the Fujita scale. You'll withstand the powerful winds, deafening roar and pulse-pounding intensity of a monster storm with a mind of its own. A voracious beast, the twister will consume everything in its path... shattering windows, hurling trucks, and crushing enormous signs in a total assault on your senses – with you right in the middle. From the first flying debris to its fiery conclusion, it'll blow you away!

Facts and Figures

  • Every minute of full force air during the show is enough air to fill more than four full-size blimps.
  • Twister's piercing sound system runs at 110 decibels, as loud as a rock concert.
Universal Express Plus Participating Attraction