Shrek 4-D

Shrek® and Donkey are back! Join our heroes on an all new adventure that puts you in the story between the Oscar®-winning film "Shrek" and "Shrek 2".

In this chapter of our saga Lord Farquaad™ has returned (in ghostly form) to kidnap Princess Fiona®. Join the world’s favorite big green ogre and his wise-cracking, four-legged sidekick as they take off in hot pursuit. You'll gallop through a haunted forest, ride on the back of a fire-breathing dragon, and plunge over a churning waterfall in order to save the day.

Facts and Figures

  • Shrek 4-D™ features an original 3-D film starring the vocal talents of the movies' original cast. After entering Lord Farquaad's "dungeon" you’ll emerge into a 3-D theater where special effects and the miracle of OgreVision glasses bring the experience to life.
  • You’ll see, hear, and actually FEEL the action as moving seats, water, wind, mist and other special effects put you right in the middle of this fairytale adventure.
Universal Express Plus Participating Attraction