Disaster! - A Major Motion Picture Ride

Go behind the scenes at Disaster Studios and learn the secrets of disaster films from the "Master of Mayhem" himself, writer/producer/director/studio executive/self-proclaimed genius Frank Kincaid.

You'll see scenes from some of Hollywood's biggest movies and witness live demonstrations that show you how many of the most amazing stunts and special effects were created. You might even get the chance to play a part in Mr. Kincaid's latest film currently in production.

Then you'll board a San Francisco subway car for your big chance to be an extra in the climactic special effects finale of Mr. Kincaid's film. You'll experience a cataclysmic earthquake that causes the ground above you to open up and rain down huge chunks of concrete debris. Pillars crumble, trucks crash and explode in flames, a runaway train heads right for you and 65,000 gallons of water flood the underground station. Be sure to watch the exciting movie trailer at the end of the scene, as you may just be making your big screen debut!

Facts and Figures

  • The ride creates all of the visual effects of an earthquake and resets them every two minutes.
  • Approximately 65,000 gallons of water are released and recycled every six minutes.
Universal Express Plus Participating Attraction